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Wind & Slap

Wind & Slap by Schiaffini Tramontana - Rudi Records RRJ1001

Giancarlo Schiaffini Sebi Tramontana

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1001
Barcode 8058456240015
Giancarlo Schiaffini and Sebi Tramontana have much in common, in music and not. They are both trombonists and members of the Italian Instabile Orchestra, Tramontana plays in Schiaffini’s Phantabrass and they have often been on stage together on several occasions. They got together in studio, to voice reciprocally their musicality. The Cd Wind & Slap catches them in a moment of dialogue: intense, sincere, and open. The music is a fascinating story they are recounting each other, like a series of tableau one can listen to in a sequence, as movements in a suite. The masterly use of voice as an instrument, similar to a trombone, and the variety of tones of the harmon are fused in the great ability of the two musicians to invent. The first 13 tracks are recorded in studio, while the last 3 were captured live during a concert. Here the atmosphere changes and the live sound becomes more trenchant, the sensual cosines of the recording studio gives way to a more direct expression, open to the interaction with the audience. Giancarlo Schiaffini’s yearly experience in jazz and improvisation, due also to the collaboration with Luigi Nono, is confronting here with the improvisatory language of Sebi Tramontana developed within European improvisation music. Listening to the cd one recognizes a complicity between the two musicians that is never exaggerated, in their spontaneity the two are always careful in weaving an improvised counterpoint, as two old pals would do.
Wind & Slap is an intense dialogue, sincere and straightforward, made of sinuous complementary lines.  Music is a fascinating intimate account, a succession of consecutive paintings that gain the hearing in a sequence – like smooth moves in a solitary suite.  When it comes to live tracks, the dialogue, enhanced by a third element, goes at a faster pace and music is tinged with bluesy tones.

  1. Quiet as a Bone (3:07)
  2. As Tone lies Lost (1:54)
  3. As the Heartless Ghost (5:21)
  4. As they Dive (2:12)
  5. As in my Bones (2:22)
  6. This Shade (3:08)
  7. Beautiful Roots (3:45)
  8. Holy Leaves (3:00)
  9. In the Wind's Wakes (1:49)
  10. As a Purple Sofa (3:20)
  11. She was Still Stoned (4:10)
  12. As an Empty Stone (2:18)
  13. As a Strange Tongue (3:16)
  14. About Sleepwalkers and Wind (5:06)
  15. Stones and Deadwood (6:58)
  16. Wind and Slap (4:30)

clip video "Live in Ruvo" Talos Festival

Line up
Giancarlo Schiaffini, trombone, euphonium, tuba
Sebi Tramontana, trombone, euphonium

Recording Information
Music by Giancarlo Schiaffini Sebi Tramontana
Tracks 1-13 Recorded and Mixed on May 2010 by Simone Satta, Rome
Tracks 14-16 Recorded Live in Rome on May 2010, Mixed by Lucio Leoni, Rome
Photo by Alessandro Carpentieri
Art by Ale Sordi

What follow is an excerpt of the review by music critic Mario Gamba of the concert during which the last two tracks were recorded. “… at the Flexi they are showing off pleasantness. They are exhibiting their love for classical, never searching for the roots and other amenities. They also convey samples of ultra-free phrases that prove to be extremely original and fresh, right there where improvisation is dangerously scattered with cliché. Are they totally improvising? Not exactly, in several tunes they go round a sort of a base, merging mumbles and noises with soft singable melodic motifs…”


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