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Cadence Magazine review (USA) | Live in Sant'Anna Arresi 2013

DINAMITRI JAZZ FOLKLORE & AMIRI BARAKA - Live in Sant’Anna Arresi 2013 (Rudi Records 1029; Italy)
Amiri Baraka joined the 7-piece world music group Dinamitri in 2008 to perform the "Akendengue Suite" in which he recited excerpts from his book "Wise, Why's, Y's:The Griot's Song Djeli Ya." In 2013 Baraka again appeared with Dinamitri for their performance on at the Sant'Anna Arresi jazz festival, which that year was dedicated to Sun Ra. Alto saxophonist and composer Dimitri Grechi Espinoza dedicated this recording to Baraka, who throughout this set articulates poetically on the subjects of jazz phraseology, jazz history, slavery, and other topics. On "Sun Ra" and the ensuing "Terra," Baraka describes the "philosopher musician" Sun Ra and his interplanetary music, and passes on a message from Sun Ra that "the world is in transition" and other conceptual ideas. Performing behind and along with Baraka's commentary, Dinamitri's rhythm section of percussion, drums, guitar, and keyboards create rhythmic auras of great vitality, with the baritone and alto saxophones supplementing the rhythms with strong lines and intense solos. [Don Lerman, Cadence Magazine]

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